Not Sure If I’m Getting An Education Or Getting Ripped Off


If you’re a dog trainer, regardless of how successful or what side of the ‘fence’ you belong, listen up.

Our educational system is broken. Buts its double edged. This meme applies to not only your clients but you as well. Seriously, keep with me.

First off, lets address your CLIENTS. Pet dog owners encompass about 90% of all the bacon, bread, bucks, cash, money, REVENUE currently flowing into our industry that makes up YOUR income.

But the actual MODEL we have all used and assumed for decades DOESNT MATCH THE MARKET any longer.

This is the point where you’re eyes are likely glazing over “Whats the freaking point Maggie?” Grab some coffee, water or your balls for all I care. Stick with me.

Bottom line is we’re using inefficient systems, our students fail not because they don’t give a shit (ok, there are THOSE people, but they are much fewer than you think) They fail because, like you and me, they don’t have ACESS to enriched enough experiences to kick start habit change.


What results is a guaranteed spiral of disappointment turned bitterness toward clients and dog owners. And from client to trainer. You can see it ALL over the Facebook groups these days.

It breeds apathy and shifts the blame back to the people that were seeking help to begin with and in some cases to the trainer. We as professionals aren’t talking about why students fail, unless it includes 100% blame on the owner.

In my research on the widespread problem of Compassion Fatigue, I believe this to be a biggest compounding factor. In other words, our broken system makes our lives a living hell eventually.

This has been a HUGE area of work in my career. To the point there I dedicated 4 years to learning alternative education and program development techniques in a different industry. In fact this is one of our clients favorite services we offer, is completely updating their education models.

I wish I could tell you to just ponder those thoughts, but I can’t. Now I have to share with you the OTHER side of the same coin. Another dirty-nasty-good-for-nuffin secrets.

There’s what I’ve observed as a trickle UP effect. Dog trainers (without this knowledge) that transition into teaching TRAINERS support and GROW the broken model.

Since breaking into full time dog trainer biz coaching, it has downright shocked me to discover the amount of time and money wasted by trainers every year. It’s atrocious and done with absolutely no awareness that its even taking place.

I talk with trainers EVERY SINGLE DAY that has experienced this on some level. Trainers mirror, exactly, the owner experience. They just don’t realize it. In fact, that is another huge roadblock I’ve discovered, and the biggest reason trainers hold themselves back. But more on that a different time.

Bottom line is, many of the trainers I have the ball bursting blessings of connecting with can FEEL that something huge is missing. The people that are brave enough to embark on the coaching journey with me all end up finding the pieces that they couldn’t get ahold of before.

But not simply because I provide sterile information and standard fair education experience. Because the PROGRAM MODEL is designed to go deep, get intimate and simply get shit done. And it works for all of us. Professional to pet dog clients.

We all need to be striving to cultivate EXPERIENCES that can transcend the way people think. You, your client, and in doing so, the general public.

When you shift just this ONE thing in your dog biz, you will reverse the shitball rolling down the hill, and attract nothing but positive change. Financially, Body, Mind and Soul.

The whole enchilada folks.

In closing, your first goal is to stop ripping yourself off to learning the truth.

If you’re ready to change your future, you know where to find me.

Maggie Christina