You Can’t Save Your Way to Wealth!


Let’s get something out of the way. Wealth isn’t all about finances. Wealth is about your mindset, value and resources.

I’ve talked to you guys a ton this last week about the pit falls of being a “captain save-a-hoe” and the fear surrounding charging your real worth.

Often this is the first mental shift you have to break through in order to think in terms of investment and wealth.

When your biz is healthy, you’ve worked intimately on niche-programs-community building. First stage is your clients recognizing “Holy Roller Balls! This person is a WEALTH of information and resources”

Your perceived value to QUALITY clients will start to skyrocket. And the money will roll in hand over fist.

And that’s where trainers get dazed and confused.

“I’M not GREEDY!” “Live within your means” “simplify your life!” And more grossly cliche’ vernacular gets thrown around to guilt trip you either by YOURSELF or those that know you.

But guess who the biggest culprits of the negative talk are? People that struggle. And bitch and moan about their situation. People that never CHANGE their situation.

Let’s talk about a common scenario: trainers “investing” in seminars/workshops.

They pay to learn more about training. They aren’t investing, so much as wasting money. “What the f#ck Maggie?!” You ask?! Well, it’s true.

It COSTS you to get education in the dog industry. We rarely invest in a way that benefits the biz. How is that $3000 seminar going to help you increase your revenue? It doesn’t.

The intimate coaching I do with my clients allow them to build a business where they are finding quality clients, have high dollar programs and are organized to have an influx of revenue specifically for continuing Ed.

In short, their business seamlessly pays for the things AFTER ample money is there. My clients don’t go to events to be “better trainers so they can make more money” they go because they can already afford to throw down the investment without thinking twice.

They are also hooked up with some of the brightest minds in training itself. Stumped with a dog, or want to learn more about aggression? Great! They have a team that won’t let their clients down.

Wealth is about being positioned to have the support and resources to tackle anything and everything.

When you try and save money just to get to a seminar in the hopes of learning more to charge more, you’ve already lost.

It’s time to start winning. Win your clients, your reputation. Win your LIFE back.

Maggie Christina